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6 of the Best Electric Bikes for Commuting to Work or School

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Many people use electric bikes. Still, commuters have begun to use them to get to and from work or school efficiently and without using public transportation as public transportation is primarily crowded, which is especially important to consider during this current pandemic.

An electric bike would be ideal for long rides, where you want to stay comfortable and have a speedy trip.

The Premium electric bikes that are designed with commuters that have long trips, like to and from work, in mind are the Dost Drop electric bike and Vanmoof’s Vanmoof S3.

1. Dost Drop Electric Bike – Speed and Long Distance for a Price

Dost’s Drop electric bike is designed around traveling not only vast distances but also moving at high speeds.

The Drop electric bike is designed with commuters that have to go a considerable distance regularly. A feature that I find fantastic is the 28 MPH max speed that the Drop bike can achieve!


The Dost electric bike is perfect for longer commuters because of not only the dual batter option but also because this bike is designed for comfort. Everything from the wheels to the broad saddle to the integrated rear rack is perfect for longer rides.

The wheels are Schwalbe Super Moto X, which provide not only extra stability when riding but extra cushioning for the rougher roads.

The seat included in the Dost electric bike is a gel-filled comfort saddle which is wider to provide more comfort for longer rides.

The fantastic features that the Drop electric bike provides do come at a cost, the Drop electric bike with the single battery, which limits the distance substantially, costs $2,799 while the Drop electric bike with the dual batteries costs $3,148.

This significant price limits who will be buying this bike, but if you have that kind of extra cash and are looking for the top of the line electric bike the Drop bike is a perfect choice!

If you are looking for a premium electric bike but want to keep the cost away from the $3,000 price range, then the VanMoof S3 is another premium electric bike that commuters will enjoy!

2. VanMoof S3 – Long Distance and Security

The VanMoof S3 offers a classic design that utilizes some fantastic innovation that allows it to provide not only an excellent top speed but also the ability to ride for an extended amount of time!

While the VanMoof S3 may not offer the 120 miles per charge like the Drop electric bike, the VanMoof S3 does provide a significant amount of range of up to roughly 90 miles and has some added features that might make the VanMoof S3 look perfect for your commuter needs.


One unique feature that the VanMoof S3 has is that you can lock this bike through the VanMoof app. This electric bike utilizes a kick lock, which completely immobilized the rear wheel and activated the onboard alarms with just a tap of a shoe.

The VanMoof S3 also comes with remote lockdown and a smart location tracking, which are perfect for users that may just chain up their bikes on a bike rack, now even if they get the chain off, the electric bike still won’t move.

Not only can you lock this bike through the VanMoof app, but it also offers substantial customization, including changing the gear change moments to the digital bell sound the bike has.

Another fantastic feature that makes the VanMoof S3 unique is the industry-first E-shifter included in the electric bike. This electronic gear shifter makes the ride to and from work a lot smoother when compared to other electric bikes.

The VanMoof S3 is less expensive when compared to the Drop electric bike, but the VanMoof S3 still costs a fair amount being priced at $1,998. While that price definitely makes this electric bike in the more premium pricing range.

If you are looking for a more value derived bike, then either the Level Commuter Ebike or the RadRunner 1 would be ideal as both are below the $2,000 price tag.

3. Level Commuter Ebike – Smooth Ride and Up to 28 MPH

The Level Commuter Ebike is designed with the commuter in mind, not only because of the name, but also the high top speed, good average miles, and the suspension included to keep you riding for longer with little-to-no discomfort.


The Level Commuter Ebike offers three different sizes. This is perfect as I am a medium for this bike while you may be a large or even a small! This eBike features a suspension fork, which has a total of 75 mm of travel.

When you want to have the smoothest possible ride, the installed suspension fork is a perfect addition to any rider!

This suspension fork is designed to keep the ride smooth for the rider, even if the road features some potholes and bumps. In addition to the suspension fork, the Level Commuter Ebike is a Class III Electric Bike, meaning that its top speed is 28 MPH when using pedal assist.

If you get tired even with the pedal-assistance, you can stop pedaling and instead let the bike do all the work for you!

The Level Commuter Ebike is less expensive when compared to the VanMoof S3, being priced at $1,599 while still offering some fantastic features for the lowered cost.

4. RadRunner 1 – Modularity So Everyone Can Enjoy

If riders are looking for modularity, then the RadRunner 1 is ideal as it offers a total of 330 accessory combinations.

The RadRunner 1 features a different design when compared to the previous eBikes, as it features a Low-Step Frame.

Rad Power Bike

For distance, RadRunner 1 offers up to 45 miles per charge, allowing even long-distance commuters to quickly get to and from work/school with little to no issue. This long-distance is powered by the 48-volts and 672 Wh, which is rated for 800 charge cycles.

RadRunner 1 features an intelligent four-level pedal assist with a low profile cadence sensor, and an intuitive LED display that quickly shows crucial information to the riders like battery charge level, pedal assist level, and a light indicator.

RadRunner 1 lowers the cost even further as it is priced at just $1,199. If you don’t want to pay in a lump sum, then this bike can be bought with Affirm, where it is $39 a month.

If you are looking for a bike that costs below $500, the next two electric bikes would be a perfect choice; these are the two bikes that even I would be able to fit underneath my college’s desk when not using them!

5. SwagTron EB5 – An eBike for City and Campus use

The SwagTron EB5 is an eBike designed for either city or campus use, as shown in the foldable design and the lower top speed when compared to other electric bikes on this list.

The high speed of the SwagTron EB5 Pro is 15.5 MPH using just the throttle and offers a range of up to 15.5 miles.

The lowered speed and lowered range are ideal for city and campus use that has the majority of locations very close, therefore, enabling this bike to last all day with little to no issue.


Since the EB5 comes pre-assembled, which enables you to start using the bike right after receiving it, and the foldable design allows this bike to fit into the smallest of spaces easily.

This means riders can easily use this eBike to commute to and from work.

The SwagTon EB5 is currently out of stock on Swagtron’s website. The EB5 is priced at just $499, while the MSRP for an electric bike like this is $600.

6. SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike – Pedal-free and App Controlled

The least expensive electric bike that offers some robust features is the SwagCycle Pro. The Swag Cycle Pro offers not only the foldable design but is an entirely pedal-less design as well.

This pedal-less design allows this electric bike to fold up, enabling it to fit into small spaces quickly and easily.


This bike’s sturdy frame can support up to 264 pounds and offers extreme torque enabling the eBike to feature a top speed of 18 MPH and easily tackle inclines of up to 12 degrees with its zero-emission motor.

This bike is perfect for the commuter in a large city or on campus, as the smaller tires that are featured on this bike make paved roads the ideal terrain.

This eBike has app control, which allows you to easily track your trip, speed, GPS location, and even more!

The SwagCycle Pro is currently available on Amazon for the low cost of just $399 that is significantly less expensive when looking at any of the other bikes on this list.

Electric bikes are becoming much more common, especially for commuters and college students, with that more price ranges for eBikes are becoming available.

With the higher-end electric bikes costing up to $3,000 and the budget-friendly bikes can cost just $300 or so, this means that even college students can purchase them without having to save up for the four years of college!

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